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Two Could Haves
Posted 2010-11-01 by BLUEiQ Team

Not quantity of two, but BLUE Two! Like the BLUE One box, we wanted the BLUE Two box to be able to hold the components in place, be environmentally friendly, and be well designed. You can see some basic mock-ups. The blue sections represent space that needs to be filled.

We started with a box size that we wanted to fit perfectly inside a USPS box. We knew we wanted to use USPS because it is the first mailing/shipping company to achieve Cradle to Cradle certification for its packaging. The certification evaluates more than the materials used in the packaging, it considers the environmental "big picture," which is why we were drawn to USPS.

The next part was to fill the empty space with envrionmentally responsible materials. Our concept for all three designs considered filling the space with recycled cardboard material. The idea in the first design was to use two small boxes on either side to fill the space.

The idea of the second design was to use two L-shaped boxes to fill the space. This design was thought up to address concerns that the boxes in the first design would move around too easily, making it unsafe for the livestock which was ultimately going to be placed inside.

The third design used one box of multiple layers with an inner rectangle cut out.

After several revisions, we went with a completely different design characterized by folding flaps which reduced material used and saved space. This end product is what you see here.

1. BLUE Two Box & USPS Box (Recycled Highlights)
2. BLUE Two Box (Closed)
3. BLUE Two Box (Opened)
4. BLUE Two Box Inside USPS Box
5. BLUE Two Insert Mock-up
6. BLUE Two Design Mock-up

tags: blue two; possibilities; mock-ups; concepts


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