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Edgeless Photo Station
Posted 2010-11-20 by beef

Two sheets of white paper
Shipping box from BLUE One or a box approximately 12"x12"x8"

Many people have asked for tips on how to take beautiful photos of their BLUEiQ. A good start is to eliminate things in the background so that you get a picture only of what you want. Here's an easy photo taking station perfect for BLUEiQ and other small objects.

1. Controlling shadows are very important. You don't want background colors to blend with the colors in your BLUEiQ. This is why we recommend using a box which is tall enough to block the light from the surroundings. BLUEiQ owners can use the shipping box their BLUE One arrived in.

2. Using scissors, cut the corners of one side of the box so that the flap can lie flat, in line with the floor. This opening is the direction you will be taking a frontal view photo with.

3. Raise the remaining flaps of the box so that they are pointing upwards. You can use tape to hold them upright if necessary.

4. Tape the white paper together on the short sides.

5. Tape the top of the paper to the top of the back flap and let the paper fall gently into the box. Be careful not to get the white paper dirty or crease it.

6. Place your BLUEiQ in the center of the box, sitting on the paper. You now have an edgeless photo taking station. You can see how we use our station on our Daily BLUEiQ page by clicking here.

Blog Roll Image (Jorge Barrios)

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