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Alternatives to Throwing Out Your Xmas Tree
Posted 2011-12-26 by BLUEiQ Team

The magic, perfectly wrapped boxes under it have been torn up and located to their new rooms, the gingerbread ornaments are beginning to crumble, and suddenly you don’t know what to do with it. The Christmas tree is a hard thing to just throw away! It’s been bringing excitement to the center of the house for a whole month! To avoid the guilt over dumping it, let the tree spread its joy a little longer with these unique ways of reusing it.
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Let this year’s tree turn into ornaments for next year’s. Slice the trunk into 1-inch slices. Draw or carve decorations onto the face of the slices and drill a small hole at the top of each to put a string through and hang onto the tree.

Make coasters. Even when you’re not drinking eggnog anymore, you still need somewhere to put your drink. Take some of the 1-inch slices of the trunk and place them flat on a table as coasters.

Make a “natural” bird feeder. Put a segment of pipe—with approximately the same diameter as the tree trunk—into the ground with only the rim showing at the top. Place the tree trunk in the pipe and decorate it with strings of popcorn, dried cranberries or unsalted peanuts still in the shell. You can also spread peanut butter on half-bagels and stick bird seeds to them, looping a string through the hole in the bagel and hanging it from a branch.

Turn it into mulch. Let it replenish the ground it came from. Chop up your tree trunk into tiny pieces, or bring it to a store where they can put it through a chipper. Mulch helps avoid soil erosion during the winter months.

Freshen up your wardrobe. Save some of those dried needles and stuff them into small cloth pouches. You often find these little sacks in stationary or trinket stores with a little silk ribbon tying them shut. Put yours in your drawers or luggage to make your clothing smell like fresh pine.

Lay the entire tree down in the corner of your yard and allow birds and other animals to use it as shelter in the winter.

Turn nature into art. Fill some pots with soil and place some of the tree branches in the center. Around the branches, plant pansies for a potted piece of art.

Turn your home into a cabin. To get that super woodsy look, slice the trunk into 1 or 2-inch slices and use them as edging around a bed.

Try these green Christmas tree ideas and share your experience with us! Happy holidays.

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