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How does the BLUEiQ work?

The organisms in the BLUEiQ interact with each other and their environment to form a life-supporting balance. The Owner's Guide will cover BLUEiQ setup, maintenance and educational information to make sure you are fully prepared to care for the BLUEiQ.

Though the actions of the organisms may be driven by self-interest; nonetheless, the effect of their actions are what make life sustainable. The relationship of the organisms forms a cycle.
Because the organisms in the BLUEiQ naturally work together, little is required to maintain the mini-ecosystem. The Owner's Guide elaborates on proper care for the unit, but in brief, you simply add water, provide light (6-12 hours indirect sunlight or artificial white light), and observe; the system will do the rest.

Did You Know?
The BLUEiQ faces some of the same problems our planet and its organisms face. All must tackle issues regarding limited resources and recycling!

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