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BLUEiQ Miniature Ecosystem
Your Personalized, Educational Ecosystem
BLUEiQ | $79
The BLUEiQ is a miniature ecosystem designed to be educational and beautiful. The goal of the BLUEiQ is to provide its owners with a better understanding of how ecosystems work and of the natural mechanisms that manage the balance of life within them.

Creating your personalized BLUEiQ ecosystem is a piece of cake. Simply read the Owner's Guide, order your livestock and custom options through theblueiq.com, follow our easy instructions to assemble the system and last but not least, enjoy!

The BLUEiQ models after larger more complicated ecosystems and will develop a natural internal balance. The BLUEiQ requires very little care and is a unique addition to the home, office or classroom.

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Key Features

Customizable substrate and plant
Full color, educational Owner's Guide
Complete set of tools for set up and care
Low maintenance; feeding and electricity not required
Ideal for the home, office or classroom
Live guarantee (see Warranty Policy for details)
Exclusive online content


Part Number: TBIQP1SV
Glass Container: 6" x 3" x 10"
Tweezers: 10" stainless steel
Magnifying Glass: 6x magnification
Tying Thread: white
Thermometer: 40°F-110°F ± 2°F
Shrimp: quantity of 5
Snails: quantity of 2
Plant: customizable
Substrate: customizable

BLUEiQ | Spec Sheet PDF Detailed Specification Sheet
Shipping Weight & Dimensions

BLUE One: 5lb - 12" x 12" x 6"
(BLUE One Express: 6lb - 12" x 12" x 12")
BLUE Two: 3lb - 7" x 7" x 6"

In the Boxes

BLUE One: Owner's Guide, Tweezers, Thermometer, Magnifying Glass, Tying Thread, Glass Container
BLUE Two*: Shrimp, Snails, Plant, Substrate

*Ships separately from BLUE One at no additional charge. Go to "Order 2" on our site once you've received BLUE One.
Customer Reviews

Love love love, 2013-02-01
By Rachel
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
After setting up my blueiq, my two toddlers managed to knock the whole thing over. I lost one snail, but everything else lived through the trauma! A couple of my shrimp died shortly after, though, and the blueiq people sent me new ones very quickly. I've had my system for about two years now and it's still going strong! Finally got around to reviewing. I literally just add water every few weeks and it stays beautiful! It's so soothing to sit and watch for hours...

BEST 40th birthday gift!!!, 2012-05-09
By NurseBrandy
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
My sister ordered early enough that I received "part 2" before my big birthday bash. It was one of the neatest gifts I've ever received! Everything was going well until I realized, after about 6 weeks, that all the shrimp were "gone." I contacted Customer Service and they were awesome! They explained my Neos had probably died due to lack of food. My Neos were replaced quickly and are all alive, healthy & very active after almost 2 months. Last weekend, I sent another question to Customer Service about some new "life" in my tank. I received a pretty quick response about the "hitchhikers" in my tank & was informed it's nothing to be concerned about. YAY!

I love my BLUEiQ and will definitely give them as gifts in the future!

IMPRESSED, 2012-01-01
By OstriMonk
I am very impressed with BLUEiQ; for it's product and great customer service. There is NO reason for not buying the BLUEiQ, worth every penny.

Wow!, 2011-11-20
By Smile!
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
We've always included fun and interesting "things" for the kids in our waiting room and our new BLUEiQ is the clear winner in popularity. There are always several children huddled around, peering into the ecosystem. We have a "no touching" rule to keep their hands out of the water and to prevent anyone from knocking it over. The room is very brightly lit, but we may add a small lamp for supplemental lighting.

It's important to note that the BLUEiQ is not meant for small children (without supervision). As I mentioned previously, there's a concern about hands getting into the water, or the ecosystem getting bumped. In our setting, it would have been nice if it were larger for greater enjoyment by more of our patients and better structural stability. Overall, it's a nice item.

great gift, 2011-11-07
By animanga
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
fast shipping. friend loved customizing her blueiq. would definitely buy again.

Very Nice!, 2011-09-27
By M. Whitmore
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
Great success on this year's Father's Day gift. Thanks BLUEiQ.

We were concerned about the weather (HOT) so we emailed the BLUEiQ Team. They gave us a shipping date and estimated arrival date. They also suggested that we mention to our postman that we were expecting an important package and if he could, ring the bell.

We've also sent several emails with questions about our ecosystem... lighting, rocks, etc. The responses have been quick and very helpful. This thing is so cool!

Neos Died, 2011-09-02
By bostonpro
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
My Neos died the day after I setup my blueiq. I was extremely disappointed. I contacted blueiq and they sent me replacement Neos right away. I must say they have GREAT service. It's been a week and everything looks okay so far. They explained that the Neos were probably extremely stressed out during shipping and couldn't handle the change in environment. I missed the package delivery the first day, so that could have contributed to the problem.

Cool!, 2011-08-26
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
After a long search for something original (and in my price range!), I had a BlueIQ delivered to my mom for Mothers' Day. A few days later I got a call (as expected) with "guess who" on the line. Our conversation boiled down to, "Thanks, but what am I supposed to do with this??" We arranged to have the 2nd box to arrive once I returned home for summer break and together we put her ecosystem together (I'm actually pretty impressed she figured out how to choose the plants and rocks on her own!). The setup was pretty simple looks really slick near one of the windows in the living room. Mom loves it, I can tell. I catch her staring into the glass when she thinks nobody's looking!

The only cons I can think of are that I thought the shrimp would be bigger and the setup might be a little too much for certain "old ladies" to handle... but overall, it's been easy to care for and looks great :).

Confused but..., 2011-07-07
By Jay24
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
I must admit that I was a bit confused when I first ordered BLUEIQ. I had assumed that I would receive my livestock automatically after receiving my glass vase and other accessories - yes, I know, I should've read the instructions. I contacted the BLUEIQ customer service and they instructed me to find my serial number on the inside cover of the owner's guide. I registered and ordered the livestock right away (on a Thursday). You should know that the livestock package only ships on Monday-Wednesday, so if you are having trouble deciding what you want and it's already Thursday, I'd say take your time.

My BLUEiQ has been setup for a few weeks now and I love it. I received 3 snails and 6 "Neos." Everyone seems to be doing great and my co-workers frequently stop by my cubicle to check out my BLUEIQ.

P.S. If you are going to put your BLUEIQ at work, I suggest having everything sent to your office. I set my BLUEIQ up at home and I was very worried I'd kill my shrimp transporting it to the office!

dissatisfied, 2011-05-30
By whattheheck
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
shrimps died. i gave this as a gift. friend was thrilled at first but all the shrimp died.

By BLUEiQ Team, 2011-12-12
Review Response
We're sorry to hear that your gift recipient's shrimp have died. If you have your friend contact us we will be able to help figure out what may have gone wrong. Keep in mind that we also have a 3 month warranty policy! We can be reached easily via email: contact@theblueiq.com.

birthday girl, 2011-05-01
By thinkprogress
BLUEiQ Verified Purchase
happy daughter means happy buyer!

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