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What is the BLUEiQ?

Simply put, the BLUEiQ is a personal ecosystem. Housed inside the glass container are shrimp, snails, plants, and various microorganisms. You will learn about ecosystems through reading our full-color educational Owner's Guide and through the experience of observing your ecosystem grow. Ultimately, we hope that through the BLUEiQ you will gain a greater appreciation for the delicate balance that exists between all life on our planet, but if you're just looking for a distraction while at work, a unique gift idea, or a fun family project, we're perfectly fine with that too.

The BLUEiQ comes in two distinct packages. The first, BLUE One, is purchased through a reseller. It includes:

/ Owner's Guide with a unique serial number
/ handcrafted glass container
/ tweezers
/ tying thread
/ thermometer
/ magnifying glass
Once you feel comfortable, you register on our website with your unique serial number and customize your second package, BLUE Two. It ships completely free of charge and includes:

/ 5 shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda)
/ 2 snails
/ choice of plant
/ choice of substrate

Once you receive BLUE Two, you set up your BLUEiQ with the help of the Owner's Guide and our online videosBLUEiQ | Question Mark. Then you sit back and enjoy your customized personal ecosystem.

Did You Know?
The separate shipments allow us to ensure the safety of the livestock and allows you to customize your BLUEiQ design. Your gift recipients don't have to worry about getting livestock unexpectedly (which tends to lead to dead livestock), and they have a say in how they want their gift to look!

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