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Company Info

     Art & Science For All, Inc.
     6303 Owensmouth Ave. 10th Fl.
     Woodland Hills, CA

Art & Science For All, Inc. ("ASV") is the creator of BLUEiQ and theblueiq.com. Founded in Southern California, it is our firm belief that products can be both educational and well-designed--from both an environmental and aesthetic perspective. We endeavor to continue to provide educational products and as our company grows, we intend to expand beyond the current BLUEiQ line.

ASV was founded by Brian Jenq and Brandon Foon. Brian graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in Business Administration and Asian Studies. Brandon graduated from the
Unversity of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Neuroscience. When the two first met, Brian and Brandon quickly became friends due to their common interest in aquariums. It is through this interest that they gained a greater appreciation for the delicate balance between life and its environment. Several years after their friendship started, Brian and Brandon became increasingly troubled by the dire global environmental situation; subsequently, the two felt compelled to share the appreciation they gained for ecosystems with others and founded ASV.

At ASV, we hope that the BLUEiQ will educate and remind people about the importance of creating a balanced ecosystem. We believe hands-on learning is a great way to learn, and the BLUEiQ product shows people firsthand how organisms interact with each other and their surroundings to create a habitable environment. But beyond the end product, we remind people with our choice in using recycled / recyclable materials, which are at times more expensive but absolutely important, in our packaging.

Did You Know?
The V in the abbreviation of Art & Science For All represents the mathematical symbol ∀ (FOR ALL). You can clearly see the ∀ if you take a look at our company logo (scroll down)!
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