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Frequently Asked Questions
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Are gift certificates available?
At the moment, we do not have gift certificates available.

Can small fish be added to the BLUEiQ?
Fish cannot be added to the BLUEiQ. Unlike Neos and snails, fish need to be fed regularly to survive within the system. BLUEiQ is designed to create a balanced ecosystem which can sustain itself with minimal maintenance.

Like fish, newts and frogs cannot be added to the BLUEiQ.

Can the BLUEiQ snails crawl out of the glass container?
BLUEiQ snails will only crawl out of the glass container to breathe air. Fear not, the snails are aquatic and cannot survive out of water for very long. We have never experienced nor has anyone ever informed us of experiencing snails crawling out of their BLUEiQ container.

Do BLUEiQ shrimp reproduce?
Neocaridina heteropoda were specifically selected for their ability to thrive and reproduce in the BLUEiQ environment. Whether or not they decide to do so is entirely up to them! No special care is required for newly hatched baby shrimp. The shrimp hatch is completely suppressed, which means they are like tiny versions of the adult shrimp.

Do you guarantee that BLUEiQ will have male and female Neos?
We do not guarantee that BLUEiQ will have both sexes of Neos. This is in part because we ship juvenile shrimp that cannot be sexed. However, the odds of receiving only 1 sex of Neo is very low (approximately 3%).

Does the water stay as clean in the BLUEiQ as the images you have on the website?
In most cases, the water will remain clear. Our Owner's Guide provides the basic care instructions to help you maintain water clarity and keep the glass clean. It is important to note that the water in the BLUEiQ contains a natural balance of nutrients, microscopic bacteria, and algae that may cause it to have a slight tint.

How do I contact you?
If you have general questions, please contact us through the contact page.

If you are a current BLUEiQ customer, please contact us through the Members pages.

For both general and member contact forms, we will respond within 1 business day--members, of course, take priority.

How does the BLUEiQ work?
The BLUEiQ is meant to be a balanced aquatic ecosystem. Shrimp, plants, algae, and microorganisms form a unique balance within the small environment. The shrimp breathe dissolved oxygen and respire carbon dioxide. Through photosynthesis, the plants and algae use the carbon dioxide to generate food and release oxygen. Nutrients are naturally recycled within the system using specialized bacteria in the nitrogen cycle.

More information can be found by clicking here.

How long will the BLUEiQ live?
Neos can live for up to two years. With proper care and if you get both male and female Neocaridina heteropoda, the BLUEiQ system is designed to sustain a breeding population of Neos. Under the right conditions, mature Neos will mate and after about a month, baby Neos will hatch from eggs held underneath the female. Eventually the older Neos will die and be replaced by younger generations of Neos.

How much maintenance is required?
Little maintenance is required for the BLUEiQ. After the BLUEiQ is setup, customers simply have to make sure the unit is within the recommended temperature range, has ample light, and has enough water. The ample light part is determined by the health of the plants and the feeding / activity level of the shrimp.

I noticed someone mention "algae bloom" on your Facebook page. What is an algae bloom?
When nutrients and light are abundant, some algae are able to take advantage of these resources by replicating very quickly. Sometimes this rapid growth appears as a sudden bloom also known as an "algae bloom."

I noticed there is no filter. How does BLUEiQ stay clean?
Yes, there is no filter! The BLUEiQ is designed to simulate a traditional ecosystem (part of that is the decomposition of biological waste by bacteria in the water we provide). Simply put, waste is reabsorbed into the system. You do not have to change the water regularly. The instructions we provide in our Owner’s Guide recommend replenishing evaporated water, not changing water.

Is BLUEiQ available for sale outside of the United States?
Unfortunately, BLUEiQ is not available for sale outside of the United States.

Is the BLUEiQ an open or closed system?
The BLUEiQ is an open ecosystem. The water surface is exposed to free flowing air which allows for gas exchange. Being an open system, BLUEiQ does require customers to add water and be mindful of particles that may fly into the container.

Is there an expiration on when I can order the second package (BLUE Two)?
Yes, the 2nd package can be claimed up to 1 year from the purchase date.

It's been very cold where I live. I'm concerned that my livestock (BLUE Two) will not arrive alive. What do you do to ensure livestock arrive safely?
Before shipping, we check to see the weather conditions of the destination address. If it's very cold, we will send BLUE Two, the livestock package, with signature confirmation and a heat pack. Signature confirmation prevents USPS from leaving the package outside.

Please advised that heat packs are not recyclable. If customers do not want their BLUE Twos shipped with heat packs, they can wait and order their BLUE Twos once their local temperature rises.

Must the recipient address for BLUE One and BLUE Two match?
The second package, BLUE Two, can be sent to any address the registered user chooses. A customer can purchase BLUE One to give as a gift, and he/she can be confident their gift recipient will have no problems ordering BLUE Two.

Since BLUEiQ is an open system, does it give off a smell?
The BLUEiQ shouldn't give off a smell if it is healthy / balanced. If the BLUEiQ is neglected and everything dies, it will definitely start to smell.

The lights in my office are off during the weekend. Will my BLUEiQ be okay?
The BLUEiQ is capable of tolerating weekends without light, just don't forget to resume a normal lighting schedule during the following week. But remember, consistency is best. Many of our customers find it convenient to have a small desk lamp attached to a lamp timer to control their lighting while they're away for the weekend or vacation.

Be mindful of your Neos (shrimp). As long as they are full/healthy after the weekend, your BLUEiQ should be fine. Members can view the healthy Neo guide once logged in.

What are the temperature requirements of BLUEiQ? My home reaches around 50 degrees F during winter, is this okay?
We recommend BLUEiQ have a constant temperature of somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees F. Unfortunately, if the location you choose for your BLUEiQ is unable to meet this requirement, BLUEiQ is probably not for you.

What combination of plant and substrate gives the BLUEiQ the best chance of having a long lifespan?
We’ve tested all of the combinations of substrates and plants with the BLUEiQ livestock and didn't notice a difference in terms of lifespan. Lifespan is really determined by a customer’s attention to the BLUEiQ (providing more or less light when needed and adding room temperature water).

What do the Neos eat?
Neos (BLUEiQ shrimp) are omnivores. They graze on algae and microorganisms that grow in the surfaces of the plants, substrate, and glass. They are opportunistic feeders and will consume decaying plant material, other dead Neos, and molted Neo exoskeletons as part of the natural balance of the BLUEiQ system. It is not recommended to add outside food (e.g. aquarium fish food) to the BLUEiQ. The BLUEiQ is designed to develop a balanced ecosystem; introducing food may overload the system and cause it to crash.

What does the Guides page under the Members section cover? What am I missing out on?
The Guides page lists topics that we feel will enrich the experience of BLUEiQ customers that are not covered in the Owner's Guide. Topics cover plant tying, invasive species, photo taking tips, and more.

What else do I need to get my BLUEiQ to look like the ones you post on the website?
Creativity! We provide everything you need--except the large decorative rocks--to recreate the units you see on our website. The ones we display are samples of what we have created that have had time to grow.

What is included with the BLUEiQ?
You can see a complete list of what comes with the BLUEiQ by clicking here.

What kind of light does the BLUEiQ need?
The BLUEiQ needs between 6 to 12 hours of either indirect sunlight or artificial white light. It is up to the customer to determine exactly how much light their BLUEiQ needs.

Direct sunlight is not recommended because it is difficult to control the temperature.

Why can I not create an account through theBLUEiQ.com?
Only individuals who have purchased BLUEiQ can create an account. If you are having trouble, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Why is the product named "BLUEiQ?"
The product is named BLUEiQ because it is designed to help raise people's awareness of environmental issues. Through the care of the mini ecosystem, we hope people gain a greater appreciation for the global ecosystem, raising your BLUE IQ.

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