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New Guides Added  Posted 2010-07-21
Three guides have been added to the guide page.

1) Covers tying plants using the included thread.
2) Covers how to sex Neocaridina heteropoda once they have reached maturity.
3) Information regarding common "hitchhikers" that may be found in the BLUEiQ.

Visit the complete list of guides by clicking here.

Happy Earth Day!  Posted 2010-04-22
Considering that our mission is to raise people's awareness regarding protecting the global ecosystem. We thought it fitting to celebrate Earth Day with fun and games! Just kidding, but we do in fact enjoy this holiday as it is consistent with our purpose. Try doing something blue today to celebrate.

Dynamic News Feature Added  Posted 2010-03-31
We have added a dynamic news feature on the home page to make it easier for us to relay information. We will use this to post updates to any portion of theBLUEiQ.com and more.

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