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Warranty Policy
Claims can submitted via email to contact@theBLUEiQ.com.

This warranty applies only to products manufactured by Art & Science For All, Inc. (“ASV”) and sold under the BLUEiQ trademark by an authorized distributor or authorized reseller. ASV provides no warranty for products purchased from unauthorized resellers or distributors. This Warranty Policy is non-transferrable and applies solely to the original registered owners of the BLUEiQ.

The BLUEiQ is a unique product, divided into two packages. Package 1, or BLUE One, includes most of the non-living components of the BLUEiQ. Package 2, or BLUE Two, includes most of the living components of the BLUEiQ.

BLUE One / 1 Warranty
ASV warrants BLUE One contents to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of (45) days from the purchase date or until the customer confirms the order for BLUE Two, whichever comes first. By ordering BLUE Two via www.theBLUEiQ.com, the customer certifies that the contents of BLUE One have been inspected and received as expected, without defect. By confirming the order for BLUE Two, the customer waives right to claim future warranty on BLUE One contents. All BLUE One Warranty conditions being met, ASV agrees to promptly replace any defective component, free of charge.

Minor cosmetic variations in handcrafted BLUEiQ glass components are to be expected and do not deem the item as defective.

BLUE Two / 2 Warranty
By confirming the order for BLUE Two, the customer also accepts the responsibilities associated with caring for the livestock which will arrive in BLUE Two. ASV does not guarantee shrimp will reproduce within the BLUEiQ ecosystem.
Live Arrival Guarantee
ASV guarantees live arrival of no less than (5) shrimp, (2) snails, and (1) plant portion. ASV agrees to promptly replace any livestock that have perished during shipping, free of charge. Claims for Live Arrival Replacement must be made within 24 hours of Delivery Confirmation timestamp. Claims for Live Arrival replacement must include clear digital photographs of all BLUE Two contents and packaging.

Live Replacement Policy
The dynamic nature of the BLUEiQ ecosystem will cause the proportions of each living component to naturally change over time. However, for a period of 3 months following the Live Arrival Guarantee period, ASV extends the following replacement policy:

In the event that any fewer than (2) shrimp, fewer than (1) snail, or less than (1) plant portion remain alive within the (3) month Replacement Policy Period, ASV agrees to make available to the customer complimentary, replacement livestock. ASV requires that the customer pay in advance all shipping and handling charges for Live Replacement livestock.

Order Processing & Shipping
Packages containing live organisms ship from the ASV facility Monday through Wednesday in order to avoid delays caused by carrier closures on the weekend. At ASV's discretion, shipment dates of live organisms may be delayed due to carrier's shipment schedule, hazardous weather conditions, among other reasons. ASV reserves the right to alter its shipping dates or modify its packaging if necessary to ensure the safe arrival of livestock.

Denial of Claims
ASV reserves the right to deny any claim that does not meet the applicable warranty conditions described above. ASV reserves the right to deny any claim that may have been the result of abuse, improper, or otherwise negligent care of the BLUEiQ ecosystem. ASV reserves the right to require customers provide proof of purchase including, but not limited to, purchase receipts, website login information, or BLUEiQ serial numbers.

ASV agrees to process warranty claims promptly, but reserves the right to investigate all claims prior to issuing replacement items. ASV reserves the right to request photographic or physical examination of the customer's BLUEiQ equipment and/or location during the review of any claim. In its investigation, ASV may contact the customer, carrier, or other relevant parties via email, telephone, or facsimile.
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